Finding Emilie

One Month and Counting!

It doesn’t happen very often in life, even for the most prolific writers, to find a box of one’s new book waiting on the doorstep.  Yesterday I had one of those “blessed  events,” the arrival of finished copies of FINDING EMILIE.

Just when I’ve managed to catch my breath from the release of PENELOPE’S DAUGHTER last October, here I am a month away from the publication date for FINDING EMILIE, my third historical novel and fourth book since 2008!

I started writing books for mainstream audiences in 2004, with my first draft of UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH.  I recently sent off novel number four to my agent for marketing, so doing the math, that’s seven years I’ve been writing, with five books to show for it.  I don’t know why I have been so prolific, other than that I really, truly love to write, and once I get an idea burning in me, I am a goner.  I’d rather work on my novel-in-progress than just about anything else, and the challenge becomes not the writing but fitting in everything else, whether business or pleasure.

Lest you think the six months between pub dates means it took me six months to write FINDING EMILIE, decidedly not so.  PENELOPE’S DAUGHTER was a little slow from finishing the manuscript, to sale, to publication, and EMILIE had a quick sale and took the usual year-and-change from that point to bookstore shelves.

I have a lot of appearances set for FINDING EMILIE, and if you look in the scrolling calendar in the left column of the home page of this website, you can see them all, or go to the Events page for the same information.  I love book clubs too, so please bear any of my books in mind as your group makes future choices.  I can talk by phone or Skype if you aren’t in the San Diego area

Look for FINDING EMILIE on the front tables of Barnes and Noble stores for a few weeks after publication, and of course it will be available at most chains and many indie bookstores, and online.  Right now it’s deeply discounted at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online–a little over half the cover price!

For more information on the book, and on the inspirational Emilie du Chatelet, look under the books tab on this site.  I hope you like “finding” Emilie as much as I did.