Coming Attraction!

I got home from the Baltic to a nearly final version of the cover for novel number four. If you haven’t done so already, check out my introduction and synopsis here on this site under the tab for my books. Publication date is March 4, 2014. Write to me at lacauthor@gmail.com if you have comments!mapmakersDaughter_062613


On my way home…

As usual, I forget how much more difficult posting will be while on a trip, but that is about to end, since I am waiting on the Seabourn Sojourn for the call ashore, then to the airport. I just want to shout out to the universe my gratitude for all the blessings of my life, which includes the support of friends, new and old. Loved lecturing on the cruise to such interested audiences. I look forward to the next time, but not too much because I plan to embrace and enjoy every minute of my life between now and Christmas/New Years, when I am cruise lecturing again for Silversea in the Caribbean. Yes, I am the most fortunate person on earth–and I never forget that. I may need this mantra many times today as I sit squished in an airplane seat and hang out interminably in airports waiting for connections, but so it goes. Here I am toasting life with my traveling companion, Beverly.  Home to the  new boyfriend, tennis, golf, and a much stricter diet!  Bye bye champagne!




Does anyone actually say “ahoy” anymore?

Greetings from the Baltic!  I am currently on a very glassy sea, leaving Tallinn, Estonia, and headed for St. Petersburg, Russia, where we will dock tomorrow morning.  So far this cruise has been eventful and uneventful in the exact way one wishes when traveling.  No crises or disasters, and a lot of fun and educational moments shared with interesting people.  I have given two of my four lectures already, and I will not need to work again until after we leave St. Petersburg in a couple of days.


Attendance has been very good at my lectures–40 or more at each–and the feedback has been very positive. A highlight was a clip from a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream featuring a very young Judi Dench clad in very little but green paint and strategically placed leaves.  I’l try to attach the link here so you can share in the amusement!


Smooth seas to you all, wherever you are.  I will write again from St. Petersburg.






On the Road (Sea?) Again

I’m on my way in a couple of days for another round of cruise lectures, this time on Seabourn in the Baltic. I will try to post from the ship, but in my experience, signals can be iffy at sea, so perhaps I will end up saving up my comments until my return. If I can I will try to post photos as well. If you aren’t already a follower of “Laurel Corona, Author” on Facebook, please sign up, as I will probably also post there.

And on another matter, I have sent in my revisions of THE MAPMAKER’S DAUGHTER so we are right on track for a March 2014 publication date. I truly believe this is my best story, and it is definitely the one I most yearned to tell when I set out to become a novelist. I will write more about that soon as well. For now, it’s “to do” lists pretty much non stop until the plane leaves, so I will sign off with a wave for now and check in again soon.