Does anyone actually say “ahoy” anymore?

Greetings from the Baltic!  I am currently on a very glassy sea, leaving Tallinn, Estonia, and headed for St. Petersburg, Russia, where we will dock tomorrow morning.  So far this cruise has been eventful and uneventful in the exact way one wishes when traveling.  No crises or disasters, and a lot of fun and educational moments shared with interesting people.  I have given two of my four lectures already, and I will not need to work again until after we leave St. Petersburg in a couple of days.


Attendance has been very good at my lectures–40 or more at each–and the feedback has been very positive. A highlight was a clip from a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream featuring a very young Judi Dench clad in very little but green paint and strategically placed leaves.  I’l try to attach the link here so you can share in the amusement!


Smooth seas to you all, wherever you are.  I will write again from St. Petersburg.