The Four Seasons

Word Wishes

Like most writers, I have ideas about the words I would most like to see in reviews of my work. I don’t mean generally flattering adjectives, like “terrific,” or “marvelous,” although if they knocked on my door I would invite them in and open a bottle of champagne. I mean the words that indicate that someone saw in my work what I had hoped they would. Words that tell me I accomplished what I set out to do. Other than news of stratospheric sales figures or a huge award—both of which I would be more than happy to describe if I should ever be so lucky—there’s probably no better news than a good, validating review.

I suppose every writer has his or her own secret vocabulary:

Articulate ? Amusing?

Briliant? Breathtaking?

Confident? Candid?

Dazzling? Dramatic?

Educated? Ethereal?

Funny? Fanciful?

(I’m running out of steam less than a quarter of the way through the alphabet. Got your own favorites, blog readers?)

I can’t say any of the above are my secret words, or even whether I know exactly what they are until I hear them, but the October 1 Booklist review of THE FOUR SEASONS certainly hit a few I like a lot. Charming,” ”exquisite,” “poetic,” “alluring,” “richly historical.” WOW! It’s enough to make me “lachrymose,” “misty-eyed,” and “teary, “ all at the same time! I hope this review and the equally laudatory one from Publishers Weekly are just a start. Five weeks out and counting….