Wine at 1PM

Anybody who has cruised with me knows how much I love champagne, and how my treat to myself after a morning lecture is wine at lunch, because I am off the hook for the day.  Anybody who knows how I am at home knows that I don’t drink much at all—at most a glass of wine a day, and often not even that. Today is an off-the-hook kind of day, though, and I am doing something I almost never do at home—settling in with a wine spritzer at one in the afternoon.

I am ready to go.  I have finished all the work associated with leaving  San Diego, traveling for the next week, and getting my car and myself across the border. It’s all done except for the last few things I can’t do until just before I leave.  Even coffee  for the next two mornings is ground and in a baggie so I could pack the grinder.  Can’t be without that!

To my great relief, all I want to take will indeed fit, however tightly, in my car, and it is organized so I only have to take out what is essential every day and cross my fingers the car alarm keeps the rest of it safe overnight. Dan says “don’t leave anything visible in your car that you aren’t prepared to lose,” but after having shed myself of almost everything I own, I have a pretty casual attitude about what losses aren’t survivable.

Between now and the notary appointment this evening to sign papers for escrow on my condo, I have nothing to do.  This is part because I managed to exceed my to-do-list this week.  I even have a full tank of gas already.  Tomorrow I have nothing on my calendar because I have learned to leave a day before any big trip for the last- minute crises that would otherwise freak me out.

Tomorrow, nothing as well.  I could leave but now I am in a zone where just resting and breathing seems like a better idea.  Saturday will arrive soon enough.  Time to enjoy the sunset of this chapter before waking into another.