What I’ve Been Up To

Anybody out there wondering what I do with my time these days?  If you are reading this, maybe there is!

I retired permanently (sort of)  a year ago from my job as a professor at San Diego City College, and retired in a maybe /maybe not way from writing historical fiction, at least for a while.  I loved both my professions so much that I always thought of myself as “getting” to do them, rather than “having” to, but enough is enough.   I looked at both and decided I couldn’t see how either was leading me on a path that was invigorating and exciting.  I wasn’t seeing how I could continue to grow, so I decided to stop.

I say “sort of retired” from teaching, for I can come back and teach a couple of classes a year if I want, and I do.  I loved teaching, but chronic problems with my voice make speaking for a long time difficult.  One class good, five classes impossible even with a mike in a small room.

As for the writing, I will always love to write, but it has been wonderful to tell myself I don’t have to.  I have written four published novels and a fifth in draft, plus one non-fiction book.  I have made my contribution, and though I might have more in me, this will be enough if it turns out I don’t want to “go there” again.  You never know, though.  I get a dozen ideas a week, and there are many other genres to try.

What I am doing now that IS fun and invigorating is lecturing on cruises.  I have been crazy busy with this, cruising mostly with Silversea, but with some upcoming work for Oceania and Regent.  I love speaking in a beautiful, state of the art auditorium, with an audience of people happy to hear what I have to say that will enrich their visits to the ports.  I’ve been in South America, Asia, the Baltic, Transatlantic, Canada, and the Mediterranean, with lots more ahead if the fates allow.

Here I am, lecturing on  a Baltic Cruise.  Whatever your plans for the summer are, I wish you Bon Voyage!