Things I Like About Being Home

I don’t quite know what to call this short hiatus between my Mediterranean and Baltic adventures and my  Alaska gigs on Seabourn coming up in three weeks. To call it being “home” is a bit of a misnomer, because I am staying with my partner Dan, who has a condo in the same complex as I do, but I rented out mine and now walk by my door without being able to go inside, and I see a different car in my space.  But to title this post “What  I Like About Being Back  in San Diego” misses the nuances of how I feel in the place where I have lived more than half a century.

But whatever I call it, there are a few things worth commenting on that I have noticed with enhanced pleasure these last few days.

  1.  I really enjoy hearing Spanish spoken everywhere. Sorry to anyone who thinks that is a problem. I think it is a huge cultural plus.
  2. I am already very reattached to my blender.  I have really missed breakfast smoothies my way.  Recipe: frozen fruit ( or fresh with ice), almond milk and stevia.  Low calorie and fabulous!
  3. I love having my phone service back.  Much simpler.
  4. i am glad to be able to resume some favorite routines, like morning walks in Balboa Park with Dan.
  5.  It’s good to have a big gym to go to, not the  hotel-like ones on ships. Truth told, I haven’t been yet (too busy and too jet lagged) but today’s the day. (Or maybe tomorrow…) Got to shed the  five pounds I gained  before I leave for Alaska  and get my upper body strong again. I averaged 100 miles a month walking the last few months, but that doesn’t help the tennis  serve or golf swing. Plus, five pounds is pretty good fo four months on ships, but if I don’t lose as I go along, after a few more assignments I will be changing it to My Year of Living Blimpily.
  6. And  speaking of tennis, I am off this morning to play for the first time since March and have golf set up next week.
  7. I love having my friends nearby and already have a full dance card for next week with lunches, coffees, sports, minyan and other groups I am part of.
  8. I love spending time with Dan. It’s been less strange than I thought it might be living in his condo, since we usually spent our days independently when I lived around the corner and got together mostly in the evenings. He’s been so generous about sharing space and since I am still living out of a suitcase, I hope I am not moving in a bit too much.
  9. I am finding this experiment in living without a car intriguing, at least so far. It adds an element of interest, requiring me to consider options and solve problems I never gave much thought to.
  10. I love not having to think, “how much is this in dollars?”

Following David Letterman, I will stop with theTop Ten, but the bonus number eleven would have to be that life is good, wherever I am!