The Sounds of Travel

It seems as if wherever I travel I can count on most if not all of these sounds:

church bells


the bell sound before a public announcement

the whoosh of subway cars entering and leaving stations

the clatter of dishes and silverware in restaurant kitchens

police sirens

elevator doors opening and closing

voices through the walls of hotel rooms

hawkers selling tours or junk

people talking on their phones

exhausted children crying

the cacophony of voices from a crowded bar

But there is one sound  unmistakably associated with travel for me.  There’s a particular way luggage zippers sound  it’s not like jeans or jackets, which are lighter and higher in tone, but a deeper, more resonant sound, almost like a sudden intake of breath.  When I am packing up, there are so many zippers on my bags and backpack that it seems like a repeated call of a bird. I guess it’s  the  song of the migrating traveler.  First that, then joyful flight to whatever is next and new.