The Laws of Travel, Part 1


Relaxing over lunch today, I started thinking about some of the axioms of travel I have picked up over the years  Here are a few:

The longer you stay somewhere the fewer photos you take

Despite how much you have packed, if you don’t unpack you will wear the same thing until you can’t stand it any more

It is much easier to find  a place for coffee when you are not looking for one. Likewise gelato.

It is amazing how much shorter return trips from unfamiliar places will seem.

There is a huge difference between what you need to bring and what you bring.

You will bring too much of some things and not enough of others. Unless you are Carol, a friend I met on a recent cruise, who brings next to nothing and manages just fine.

It is a learned skill not to see a nap as a waste of time when you are in a new place.

That’s about half what I came up with.  The rest next time.  Feel free to use the email link to tell me what I should add to the list!


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