The Good, the Bad, and the Open for Consideration

I am in quarantine in Vancouver.  It is 8AM on my second day.  The sky is entirely blue, and world-class Stanley Park is steps away from the front door of my hotel.   I can’t go outside.

I ordered groceries delivered yesterday and forgot creamer for my coffee.  I can’t run out to get it, and won’t have another delivery for a week, so I will have to do without.

I bought a set of resistance bands so I could work out in the room, but I can’t find them.

There.  I am done complaining.

I drove over two thousand miles in the last week without any mishaps.  I saw four friends, two of whom I seldom see, and two of whom I hadn’t seen at all for fifty-plus years (thank you, Facebook).

I got across the border without a hitch and even got a break of more than half off on the import tax on my car as a “returning” Canadian (I told them I wasn’t but they wanted to be nice)

I saw three national parks (Shasta from a distance, Crater Lake, and Mt. Rainier) and one National Historical Park  (Fort Clatsop).

My car GPS works in Canada, so I found the hotel easily, and I will be able to find my way when I am out discovering my new world.

My room is really a small apartment with nice everything (see photo of living area below).  I could use a balcony, but at least the windows open part way.

I am safe, whole, and grateful.

So now what do I do for the next two weeks?  Hmm, let’s  see….

I have an iPad, a laptop, a mobile phone, and a television with fairly decent cable.  I have a zillion audiobooks, podcasts, online courses, and music on iTunes. I have the play I have been too distracted to continue working on in the last few weeks. I have all the sketching materials I bought the last time I thought about learning to draw.  I have a row of books lined up on the desk that I haven’t had time to read. I have about two hours left of a really good audiobook, and lots more in the queue.  I have friends and family to email, message, and phone, and a blog to maintain. I have exercises I can do without the resistance bands.  I have the raw ingredients for some pretty good meals.  I have a comfy bed for naps.

At my age, I try never to say I wish time would pass more quickly.  That will be put to the test here, for I already cannot wait to feel the sun and fresh air,  to be on that ferry going to Vancouver Island, and wander around there in a state of constant discovery.  But for now, I will try to see this as a good transition time, a chance to practice my resolve not to be in a hurry about everything.  For now, it’s breakfast time, day two, and who knows after that?