Smoky San Francisco

Seabourn Sojourn is a great experience. The lectures, six so far, have gone without a hitch. I have learned from five years of experience that a good turnout for the lectures is about 10% of the passengers, and I have been exceeding that, and the audience is growing, so those are both good signs. Today is sad, however, because the smoke from the Napa and Sonoma fires is thick all over San Francisco, where we are just docking now. I will need to stay on the ship, due to respiratory problems. Can’t risk losing my voice for the remaining three lectures. Feeling bad for those on the ship who have never been to San Francisco, especially those on cancelled wine country tours, but of course our problems are nothing compared to our fellow human beings in Santa Rosa and elsewhere, who woke up this morning not just to some smoke and inconvenience, but to the loss of homes and neighborhoods and,  in some cases, loved ones. Blessings on you, and all those still in the path of the fires. Will be thinking of you all day.