Sea Morning

Last night was calm and warm enough to leave the veranda door open all night to sleep to the sound of the boat moving through the water. I woke to what I think is sea day number four but it’s easy to lose track. This last bit of sunrise was waiting for me. Today, I give my final lecture for this leg. I began with Mutiny Goes to the Movies( about Bounty, Amistad, and Potemkin), then yesterday talked about Captain Cook, and today I will talk about ancient Polynesian navigation and its renaissance in Hawaii and elsewhere in recent years. Yesterday, as I sat watching the water, I felt a much increased admiration for those willing to put in the years of study, focus, and faith into learning to read swells, colors, cloud bottoms, winds, and stars to chart courses over thousands of miles. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given to share what to me feel like gleaming and precious jewels of knowledge with my fellow travelers. And now, on with my day.