Pedal off the Metal

Put the pedal to the metal—gotta speed up, hurry, hurry!  The last few weeks, actually months, have been that way for me as I get ready to leave for a series of cruises. So much to do! So many new lectures to prepare. So much to think about to be ready to be gone for several months.   Today, however,  I got that lovely, familiar sense of easing up on the gas and Feeling the beginning of a coast.

I leave Friday night for Manaus Brazil, in far better shape than I could have predicted in terms of lectures prepared and things ready for an absence at home, and in far worse shape than ever, physically. I try to lead a life balanced in body, brain, and spirit, but lately I haven’t accomplished that. It was just too easy to keep working.

Funny how I think of cruising as an escape from the normal and typical, but now I very much want that normalcy back, in the form of more attention to that healthy balance in my life. I’m glad I  kept that pedal to the metal until now,  but it’s time to slow down and let the rest of me catch up.