Less than Two Months Now!

We are now under the two month mark for the publication of THE MAPMAKER’S DAUGHTER.  The release date is March 4.  If you want to enter a drawing for a free copy from Goodreads, there is still time (until January 23).  Just click here.

The first major review is in, from Publishers Weekly, and it is very positive:

In her fourth historical novel, Corona  (Penelope’s Daughter; Finding Emilie) imagines the life of a Jewish woman in 15th-century Spain. Starting life as a converso publicly living as a Christian while being secretly taught Jewish practices by her mother and grandmother, Amalia longs to follow openly the faith that she loves. She soon joins a Jewish community, but her life continues to be shaped by conflicts between religious belief and societal forces, first during a love affair with a Muslim man and then culminating in the Inquisition and expulsion of all Jews from Spain in 1492. VERDICT Despite the title, Amalia’s mapmaker father doesn’t play much of a role in the story, though one of Amalia’s most treasured possessions is an atlas he creates. The novel’s primary strength is Corona’s loving re-creation of the details of Jewish life during the era and the particular attention paid to the role of women in keeping religious rituals alive. Fans of C.W. Gortner’s The Queen’s Vow may especially enjoy getting a different perspective on Spanish monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand here.

Excitement is building, with many invitations to speak, blog and otherwise talk about the book.  Watch my calendar for the latest, and if you have a book club, please remember that I love to attend groups in the San Diego area and talk to others by phone.