Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving.  It is by far the best holiday for me.  It’s one of the few where it doesn’t matter what religion you are, just that you identify with a common desire to pause and give thanks.  We are so blessed. Even in our hardest times we are luckier than most people around the world for how much we have, not just materially, but in terms of reasons for optimism and belief in our ability to live effectively and improve our lives.  I love Thanksgiving because it hasn’t been corrupted by gift giving (well, except by those who use it to kick off Christmas shopping).  I love it because every ethnic group included the foods it makes them happy to eat–turkey and pancit, turkey and tamales, turkey and collard greens, turkey and injera.  Yes, the food is good, but that’s not really it for me–it’s all of the above and more.  Have a wonderful day!