Easing in

Regardless of how much I have streamlined the process of setting up my little abode on a cruise ship, it always takes a day or two to feel in the groove. Where in the world did I put A, did I forget B, what time is C, on what deck is D? Then, little by little everything falls into place. I have my routine. I know where I am going. I have a sense for the rhythms of the day.

Today is for easing in. We are anchored off Parintins, Brazil, on the Amazon. Outside my window, the muddy water flows past, carrying the occasional tree limb, or floating island of foliage, down towards the ocean. Even at anchor, the ship has a wake, due to the relentless current. The sky goes from blue and sunny to dark gray and pouring down rain in minutes, and as I scan the horizon (which is in this case the far bank of the Amazon),I can see pretty much every kind of tropical weather happening somewhere.

Since I have been to Parintins twice before ( and have the beaded jewelry an tee shirt to prove it!), I am skipping taking the local ferry in to shore ( that’s what is pictured in the photo here). Jane has claimed her chaise lounge near the pool and back here in the room, if my droopy eyelids are any indication, we will both soon be doing the thing that most clearly shows that we have eased into a lower gear—taking a nap!

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