Do Overs

When I hear the term “do over,” I think of something that went badly the first time around and is in need of fixing. That’s not what I am thinking as we sail away from our last stop in the Canary Islands. Today I want a do over because it was so special it simply wasn’t enough. I am already burying my nose in cruise schedules, scheming about how I will get myself back to the Canaries sooner rather than later.

I heard about so many things I missed, but I wouldn’t have changed anything I did. Today I went on a three-hour hike through lava fields, into calderas, like the one in the distance here, and across landscapes that looked like frozen oceans of rock. Next time, I’d like to go into the town of Arrecife and see the Works of Cesar Manriques and get a glimpse of life on this tiny speck in the ocean. Yesterday I saw the great National Park of El Teide. Next time I’d like to poke around the colonial town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. So, so much to do!

But before that, life is so full of experiences I have yet to enjoy. I’ll tuck these away for later, and just sail on. Next stop, Tangiers, and my guess is I will want a few of the lovely kind of “do overs” on that too!