Day 4 of Quarantine: Lemons to Lemonade

As I pass the 25% mark in my two-week quarantine in Vancouver, I thought it might be good to count a few blessings:

  1. I haven’t lost my room key or had to ask the desk for my room number once.  This is historic.
  2. I haven’t had to check the weather forecast when getting dressed
  3. I don’t need to use the hair dryer, and my hair appreciates that
  4. When I look up and see I have frittered away a few hours, my response is “Great!” rather than “Oh, geez, I’d better get something done!”
  5. I haven’t brought  home any impulse purchases
  6. I’ve stuck faithfully to a healthy diet because I bought nothing but veggies and protein and can’t go out to buy any junk food.  A good thing, since I would have torn through all of it by now
  7. I have gotten some tedious tasks done, like clearing out old emails and clipping my toenails
  8. I don’t have to wash my hands a million times a day, or wear a mask
  9. And best of all— drum roll, please— I know I haven’t contracted Covid in the last few days