Cruise Question Number One



Yesterday in Livorno one of those big cruise ships was docked near us. It wasn’t anywhere near the biggest—maybe 3-4000 guest capacity, but massive next to the 450-guest Seabourn Quest.  It had a water amusement thing on the top deck—a big slide and other such things, and I am sure it is utterly crammed with things to do inside.

Seeing those ships while onboard some of the smallest ones plying the world’s waters, I am always struck by the fact that despite the lack of loads of activities, I always feel so busy, even on days like today when I am not going out on an excursion.  On “my” ships,  there may be just one special activity going on at a time (they usually try to avoid competition), but it is almost always something I want to do.  And if not, that’s a good opening to go to the gym, or fall asleep by the pool.

Either way, inevitably the clock says there’s barely time to shower and dress for dinner.  Again!  How did that happen? It is the number one FAQ of my cruising life

For me, the pace is perfect.  Sometimes when I was younger, there was a lovely kind of exhaustion at the end of a fast-paced vacation, but that’s not what I want now.  I want the steady grin that comes from that zone where everything seems pretty close to perfect right then—and  I want to  stay in that zone as long as I can.  My life gives me so much opportunity for that, and I am truly blessed. Grinning here in Santa Margherita Ligure today, and hoping your life is putting a smile on your face too.