Casting Off!


This morning I drove off from home in San Diego in this supercharged Dodge that is so not me ( hey, the rental company gave it to me for the price of a compact, so why not?). Now I am sitting in one of the lounges on the Silver Whisper, having just driven up from San Diego to Los Angeles to catch the first leg of the 2018 World Cruise. Itinerary is 5 sea days to Hawaii, a few days in various ports in Hawaii, then on to Moorea and Tahiti.

I titled this “Casting Off” because it seems as if that captures the spirit of leaving behind the ordinary and spending the next stretch of time being—well, different.

My first lecture, I am told, is tomorrow morning,  called “Mutiny Goes to the Movies,” about Bounty, Amistad, and Battleship Potemkin, as told in classic films.

Now that my revised website is up and humming, I plan on posting every few days, and I hope you will check in to see what’s happening on the high seas. Now, to unpack!