Another Suitcase in Another Hall

Anyone who has ever cruised knows the dreaded suitcase day, when after having been blissfully unpacked and comfortable, the luggage comes out and it is time to go home, or onward to whatever is next. That day has come.

It’s raining in Palma de Mallorca this morning, adding to the sense of melancholy, but if this is my idea of a downer, it just shows how blessed I am. Elsa is off seeing this marvelous city, and I will go in later to poke around, putting off the inevitable packing for debarkation tomorrow in Barcelona.

One of the cast shows on board includes “Another Suitcase in Another Hall,” from Evita. A good  anthem for today, except in the song she is trying to be cheery about her life not going so well.  For me, suitcase day just means the next adventure awaits.

Next up:  Four days in Barcelona, with the delightful plus of meeting up with new friends one evening for drinks at their rooftop  hotel bar, which is said to have one of the best views of the city. Looking forward to showing Elsa the sights, and then for her it is back home to San Diego, and for me, two days in Marseille and a few days in Nice before Dan arrives and it’s on to the next assignment, Monte Carlo to Venice. Living Travelly is great—except for those exhausting suitcases.