A Month of Sunrises

My blog has been produced in spurts over the years— long silences followed by a flurry of posts. For the last month I have been in a silent stretch, not because nothing is happening, but because so much is.

I am an extremely private person, and though I share my thoughts freely in this blog, there’s a lot I keep secret about what is going on in my life. Usually this is because I am just not ready to talk about something, or because it involves others who might prefer not to be discussed. Whatever the reason—and both of the above apply here—I have kept my fingers off the keyboard for a while. Still, there’s a bit to share, a bit I won’t feel jinxed if I talk prematurely about, a bit of dreaming aloud I can do (if this counts as aloud).

Covid vaccinations are slow in coming to Vancouver Island. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that responsible government and citizenry have kept the number of cases low enough that I’m not worried. It has put the brakes on my plans to go down to San Diego to drive back with my remaining possessions—mostly books, important papers, and the last bits of memorabilia I can’t bear to let go.

One of the things on my plate, then, is a trip south as soon as I have gotten my first (and if I’m lucky, only) shot. My plan is to drive my car across the border into Washington State, then leave it at an airport (Seattle, or possibly Portland) and fly the rest of the way. I would then drive back in a rental with my things, transfer them to my own car where I left it, return the rental and be on my way back to Victoria. A third option would be to make a leisurely round-trip in my car. I don’t know. No need to decide now, but I am getting a lot of pleasure out of planning routes, especially because I have so many friends I would like to see along the way—and maybe even hug! Wouldn’t that be grand!

I also have been planning a summer road trip exploring British Columbia and a bit of Alberta. I am thinking of taking a month to drive as far as the edge of the prairie, east of the Rockies, just to catch a glimpse of one of the central facts about Canada, spending time in Banff, Jasper, and the other national parks on my route. My lan is to start out on a southern route through British Columbia, returning more northerly to Prince Rupert, where I can catch a ferry back to Vancouver Island.

A third road trip I hope to make before the end of this year is to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, possibly ending either in Montreal or Toronto. I have visited the Atlantic coast of Canada several times on cruise assignments, but I have not been able to stray far from port or spend the night ashore, and in this case the adage that cruises give you an idea of where you want to go back to spend more time is indeed true.

And then again, I have more ambitious plans as well. I am hot on the idea of returning to the UK. I am hoping to get cruise assignments later in the year and beyond. And there is still so much to see here on Vancouver Island.

I am so happy that I took the plunge—sold my condo and shed most of my possessions. This plan to be mobile has really worked well. I can visit, or even live anywhere, because I can use the money I was putting into mortgage and other home ownership costs, and spend it on temporary housing wherever a new adventure calls. There’s a huge trade off, of course, and this way of life isn’t for everyone, but it sure works for me.

I am calling this post “A Month of Sunrises” because my current rental for this life adventure is right on the bluffs above Dallas Road in Victoria, looking out over the Juan de Fuca Strait, where the sun rises. I could never, with my resources, have afforded a home with a view like this any place I have lived, so there’s another wonderful plus, if only for a short time.

More later, as I wrap my head around a few other things, and wait for some other developments to play out. For now, here’s one of a month of sunrises: