Cruise Lecture Topics

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Ninety—and Counting….  Here is a list of my cruise lecture topics to date:

Amazing Alexander:  Humboldt in South America

The Amazon

America’s Sweetheart and the “It” Girl:  Mary Pickford and Clara Bow

Antonio Vivaldi and the Pietà

A Study in Sherlock:  Arthur Conan Doyle and the World’s Most Famous Detective

“As Far as I Think It Possible for Man to Go”: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Captain Cook

Asian Warriors and Queens

Bar Harbor

Before the Maya:  The Earliest Mexican Civilizations

Before Starbucks:  The Fully Caffeinated History of Coffee

Bosom Enemies:  The Acadians and the Conquest of Canada

Bronze Age Women of the Aegean

Called by the Wild: Jack London, American Adventurer

Caravaggio:  Bad Boy of the Baroque

Carthage:  The Other Ancient Mediterranean Empire

Catherine the Great

Charles Darwin in South America

The Crusades

Digging Old Ground:  The First Female Archaeologists

El Dorado:  The Story Behind the Legend

Enchanted isles, Sailing Ships, and the World’s Most Famous Whale: Herman Melville’s Life and Literature

The Face:  Portrayals of Jesus in Art

Ferdinand and Isabella and the End of Convivencia

Finding Odysseus

The First Australians

The Fish that Launched a Thousand Ships : The Story of Cod

For Love and Liberty I:  Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz

For Love and Liberty II:  Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi

The Founding of New Zealand

The French and Indian War

Gentle Giant:  Pedro II of Brazil

Getting to Know Anna:  The Woman Behind the Story of The King and I

God, Gold, and Gloriana:  The Story of Sir Francis Drake

The Golden Age of Islamic Spain

The Gospel of Glaciers: John Muir

The Great Eruption:  How the Santorini Volcano Changed the Mediterranean

Henry the Navigator

Hindu Mythology

Hinduism for Beginners

“I Put All My Genius Into My Life.  I Put Only My Talent Into My Writing”:  A Portrait of Oscar Wilde

Isn’t It Romantic?  Byron, Shelley, Love, Death, and Italy

King Arthur:  Medieval Man of Mystery

Loneliness and Light:  The Art of Edward Hopper

Magic Hammers, Missing Eyes, and Rainbow Bridges:  Norse Mythology

The Maori

Marooned! Life Stories and Lessons from Shipwrecks

Mayhem, Mutiny and a Masterpiece in the Louvre:  The Raft of the Medusa

The Merry History of Robin Hood

Midsummer Magic

Monaco and the Grimaldis

Monterey Pop and the Summer of Love

“The Most Beautiful Adventure”:  Robert Louis Stevenson

Move Over Superman:  Beowulf, The First Superhero

Mutiny Goes to the Movies:  Bounty, Potemkin, and Amistad

Never Silent:  Women in Early Hollywood

Nightmare Voyage:  Magellan and the Armada de Moluccas

Nineteen Months to the Pacific:  The Lewis and Clark Expedition

North to Alaska: The Gold Rush

The Not Plain and Never Bland Story of Vanilla

The Olympics

People of the Tides: The Tlingit Nation

Peter the Great and His Times

The Portuguese in Brazil

Putting the Oy in Ahoy:  Piracy and the Jews

The Reconquista

The Religions of Vietnam

Rise, Fall, Repeat:  A Brief History of the Acropolis of Athens

Rotgut, Riches and Rebellion:  How Rum Shaped American History

Rounding the Cape:  Vasco da Gama and the Search for India

The Russians in Alaska

Silent Sentinels:  the First Civilizations of Peru

”Something Bigger than Fact”: The Art of Emily Carr

Spice!  How Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmeg Changed the Worlds

Tempest in a Teapot: The Surprising History of the World’s Favorite Beverage

The Stripper and the Swineherd:  Justinian and Theodora

“Thar She Blows!”  A History of Atlantic Whaling

“There Is Practically Nothing Left”:  The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

”The Thief Colony”:  The Founding of Australia

“To Go a-Pyrating”:  Who, What and Why Were the Pirates of the Caribbean?

To Live and Die in Pompeii

Trailblazers: Gold Rush Women

Unlikely Allies: The Headhunters of Borneo in World War II

Understanding Buddhist Art

Unvanquished:  The Spanish Conquest of Chile

The Vietnam War, Part 1: Colonialism , Conquest and Conflict

The Vietnam War, Part 2:  The American War

Venetian Visionary:  the Art of Titian

The Vikings

The Vikings in North America

Wayfaring:  The Navigational Genius of the Pacific Islanders

When Africans Ruled

Women of the High Seas

Women Who Wouldn’t:  Feisty Females of the British Isles

Zheng He and the Chinese Treasure Fleet

PLUS destination lectures for more than  50 ports in countries all over the world